Scrip Cards

Buy your gift cards/gift certificates through #Soroptimist International of #Boise's Scrip service

What is Scrip?

Scrip is a term that means “substitute money.” When you purchase a gift certificate/gift card thru scrip, you’re purchasing negotiable gift certificates and prepaid cards that are used just like cash.

You can use scrip gift cards and gift certificates to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing and other essentials—even gas. You can contribute easily to our organization without added cost to yourself.

Just visit for a list of participating retailers and available denominations; then place your order by contacting i.e., if you want a $20.00 gift card for JCPenney, you pay just $20.00 plus shipping cost (minimal).

You can sign up for PrestoPay to pay for your Scrip orders online (for both ecards/reloads and physical cards).  PrestoPay securely links a bank account to your ShopWithScrip account so you can use electronic debit when you checkout online. There is a small convenience fee of $0.15 per order for eCards/reloads only so you can order any time day or night.  Physical cards will still have a shipping cost.  Click on the PrestoPay Link to sign up; just follow the online instructions.  Contact us for the enrollment code and further information from our coordinator.  As we are set up with Presto Pay, a new option of paying with a credit card (only Visa and MasterCard) is an added option on checkout (there is 2.6% credit card fee added to your total).

Scrip can also be accessed from your mobile device to order ecards and it will link to your Scrip account and PrestoPay.  Click the link for My Scrip Wallet.

This is a great way to benefit #Soroptimist International of Boise by getting your gift cards and gift certificates through us. Use gift certificates and prepaid cards for purchases instead of writing a check! Use them as presents for birthday, anniversary, graduation, Christmas, any special occasion, etc.

#Soroptimist International of #Boise is a 501c3 organization

For more information/questions or to purchase gift cards, contact us.

Inquiries and payments can be sent to:

Soroptimist International of Boise
P. O. Box 8885
Boise, ID 83707-2885